Aboriginals Questions

Students are to choose one of the following topics for their assignment:

Option 1;

Black Lives Matter: Aboriginal Deaths in Custody

·       Discuss factors that led up to the tabling of the Fines Penalties and Infringement Notices Enforcement Amendment Bill 2019 (WA) and the foreseeable impact that this amendment to the legislation will have

·       In your discussion, please refer to the Bill’s Explanatory Memorandum and the Coroners Findings in Ms Dhu’s Inquest in 2016


Option 2:

New Heritage Protection Laws: Western Australia’s Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2021

·       Discuss key factors that led up to the drafting of the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Bill 2020 (WA) and the new Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2021 (WA)

·       Compare and contrast the key implications of the recently enacted Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2021 (WA) with the previous Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 (WA)


Option 3:

Cashless Card: Enquiry

·       Discuss key factors that lead to the tabling and passing of the Social Security (Administration) Amendment (Continuation of Cashless Welfare) Bill 2020 ·       Provide an analysis of how the Bill upholds, or is deficient in upholding, the rule of law in the context of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

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