International Business Negotiation

Please read this assessment brief in its entirety before starting work on the Assessment Task.

Purpose of Assessment

The purpose of this assignment is to explore key aspects of negotiation and present an in-depth presentation around them. The presentation needs to be 12 minutes in duration as this will ensure the acquired academic knowledge and presentation skills can be assessed.

Furthermore, the presentation must be submitted in Microsoft PowerPoint and must also include 1,500-words of academically based notes that support the presentation. For this please upload your presentation (the small presentation window AND the presentation) to either Kaltura or to YouTube. Then share those links in the word document with the presentation notes and upload it via the submission point on NILE.

The Assessment Task

Please produce a max 12-minute-long presentation on the key aspects of successful international negotiations. Please produce a professionally formatted .pptx presentation with stringent and consistent formatting.

Content needs to be freely presented and the time requirement needs to be adhered to by +/-1 minute. The presentation needs to be accompanied by supportive notes amounting to 1,500 words. The presentation of the assignment MUST be via a recording platform that allows the student to be visible in a small window while the content of the presentation is visible. Managing this delivery format is part of the assessment requirement. Assessment criteria in the matter are:

– Depth of academic and non-academic sources (20 %)

– Use of examples (10 %)

– Formatting, errors, typos (10 %)

– Referencing frequency, diversity, formatting (20 %) – Narrative, storyline (20 %)

– Free presentation (10 %)

– Adherence to the time requirement (10 %)

Additional Guidance

Learning Outcomes

a) Evaluate the theory and practice relating to principles of negotiation in different contexts and situations.

d) Critically analyse and articulate how negotiation style and practice varies across cultures and contexts.

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