Week 6: Chapter 14 – May’s Existential-Analytic Position

Given what May had to say about the disintegration of values in the 20th century, what do you think he might have thought about the 21st century so far?

Consider TWO of the following issues in the 21st century, almost as if you are updating his theory to include the new time.  Write at least 250 words about each issue that you select. And be sure to use the # of the item at the start of your response for that topic!

1. The state of parents failing to spend enough time with children because of capitalistic motives. Has this gotten better or worse? Are we “schooling”, using organized camps, and basically institutionalizing our kids too much?

2. The issue of children lacking heroes — Do we have more “heroes” in the online world now compared to during May’s lifetime?

3. Have our feelings of powerlessness gotten worse? What about our relationship to nature and why did that matter to him?

4. Finally, what would May think of the internet and its role in relationships (social media to keep people connected and even dating apps for romance). Consider his emphasis on mature, meaningful personal relationships here and how avoiding loneliness plays a role in the pursuit of connections. 

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