Water Crisis Paper

In this paper, you will examine a water-related crisis, focusing on how those affected by the crisis understood the crisis. Please use as many DIRECT QUOTATIONS from those who experienced and/or were affected by the crisis as possible.

Your paper will be at least 8 pages in length (including title page and Works Cited page), typed, double-spaced, with one-inch margins, grammatically correct, critical analysis of a water-related crisis.

Your paper will include at least 5 different citations, including the citations for the different plot structures for blame narratives.  (Boudes, Thierry, and Hervé Laroche. “Taking off the Heat: Narrative Sensemaking in Post-crisis Inquiry Reports,” Organization Studies, 30.4, April 2009.)

You must include at least two direct quotations from someone who has been directly impacted by the crisis.

In your paper, you will include a title page, subject headings, internal citations, a Works Cited page.

Suggested Format

I. Introduction

A. Attention-Getting Device: Brief description of crisis—2 or 3 sentences

B. Thesis Statement: “In this paper/presentation, I will examine . . . [name a specific water-related crisis], focusing on how the suggested resolutions to the [specific water-related] crisis where influenced by the community’s understanding of what brought about the crisis.

C.  Argument:  “I argue that the [suggested remedies] are/are not appropriate ways to address [specific water-related crisis].”

D. Preview of Main Points: “Specifically, in this paper, I will provide details about the crisis, share the community’s understanding of what brought about the crisis, discuss possible remedies to the problems that emerged because of the crisis.  Finally, I will evaluate whether suggested remedies are viable and beneficial to those who were affected by the crisis.”

II.  Body

A.  Crisis

B.  Community’s Understanding of Factors That Contributed to Crisis:  include direct quotations from those who were affected by the crisis.  Be sure to use terminology from Boudes and Laroche (2009).

C.  Remedies

D.  Evaluation:  This is your opinion.  Do you believe that the remedies to the crisis were/are viable and beneficial to those who were affected by the crisis?

III.  Conclusion

A.  Review Thesis and Argument

B.  Wrap-up

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