Study Methodology

Research the following statement using the study tools: the text, the mini-lecture, the PowerPoint, and videos. In your post make sure you reference the tools you use to answer the question. For example, to answer this discussion properly you need to read chapters 9&10, mini-lecture 9&10 and PowerPoints. Your post should be 150-200 words long, spell and grammar checked. Read the statement and question carefully.

Read this statement and answer the following question.

The living system we are part of only contains two types of people, males, and females. Although we are all human, men and women differ in biology, and each type of society has fostered different expectations which have been historically expressed. Although “the times they are a changing” describes how we associate meaning differently in our cultures and subcultures with what is formed are gender roles that are influenced by the different levels of the social world model.

Cultures are structured around gender and doing gender has meanings that are represented, reproduced, and change over time, especially in modern times. In hunting and gathering societies there were no real macro or meso levels that influenced people. It is only as society grew in size and complexity that we have macro and meso level influences on our micro and sub micro-levels. Institutions such as the family are responsible for taking care of the biological bases of society, that is reproduction, needs fulfillment, care, and the socialization of children to become members of their society. There are sociological processes for mate selection, type of family structures, and normative structures such as exogamy and endogamy.

Different cultures have different social expectations relative to decision making processes, financial issues, and the social context of the family, be it upper-, middle-, and lower-class lifestyles. Society is structured in such a way that in modern society, the family is the primary agent for socialization for the education of children, however, other social institutions such as schools, and religious groups, the state, share socialization responsibilities to prepare children and young adults for modern living. Education is key for modern living, but experience and awareness of the forces for change and equality have social, economic, and political implications for participation in society as a citizen, and as a person that is experiencing the dynamic forces, we call culture and society.


Describe your understanding the above statement? Use examples from the study tools to express yourself. What is your experience and meaning that you associate with the dynamics it is describing? Use the study tools to answer the question with the focus on researching at least one sociological perspective that you feel you can apply that would broaden your understanding and express your “sociological imagination” which is defined in your text?

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