Organisational SCM Practice

The assessment for this module consists of TWO elements:

  • First assessment – Individual Written Report 1 from taught topics in Term 1 weights 50% of the total marks


This assignment will take the form of a writing report and you will first need to select an international British company or an international organisation that one stage (e.g. supplier, manufacturer, etc.) of the supply chain is located and operated in the UK. Then, you will have to investigate a particular aspect(s) of the SCM practice (taught in Term 1) of your chosen organisation. It is expected to use the theory of your chosen topic learnt in Term 1 to assess the impact of Brexit including the pros and cons and discuss how your organisation can tackle the negative impacts on its supply chain.

Some excellent organisations are listed in Appendix 1 but importantly you have to check if they are active in the UK.

Your choice can be an organisation that is characterised by its good/not-so-good practices in the field of Operations and Supply Chain Management. It is highly recommended to select a company that is relevant to your degree and experience (e.g. Pharmaceuticals, Motor Vehicles and Parts, telecom, Commercial Banks or other hi-tech sectors etc.) as well.


  • Choose one of the following taught topics in Term 1
  • Rationale:
    • Start with an introduction and a very brief explanation of your rationale for a selected topic
  • Situation analysis (application of theories):
    • Examine the status quo of the chosen topic in detail in your organisation
    • Discuss the problems the organisation will have as a result of Brexit as well as describing possible ways coping with the problems
    • Elaborate other apparent problems/advantages/disadvantages you have found


  • Explain the details of your approaches the organisation might utilise with the aim of improving the efficiency or solving the current and coming problem(s) and support this with theories taught in Term 1. Importantly, argue that why you think your approaches are appropriate/inappropriate for this organisation.

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