O530A – DAO Mission Analysis Brief

This assessment assess the below ELO:

400-SMC-1013.15- (O115) Military Decision Making Process (MDMP)

Purpose: To facilitate your understanding and application of Mission Analysis within the MDMP.

Assignment Instructions:

Analyze the concepts and theories you read about within this module; utilizing key terms from those concepts and theories, prepare a Mission Analysis briefing that shows your understanding of steps one and two of the MDMP.

Brief the content and information involved in your presentation to a CSM/SGM in your organization who is a graduate of the course (not retired). If a SGM/CSM are unavailable, this brief can also be delivered to a commissioned officer O4 (Major) or above who has a current CAC card to sign your graded 1009S. This is a military information briefing. See Form 1009S for oral communication assessment requirements. Upload both the completed, signed Form 1009S and your briefing slides PowerPoint file into the assignment location within Blackboard.

Requirements: This is an information briefing, not a reading. Students will not read their slides. The presentation will be 15 +/- 2 minutes. Presentation will consist of 6 to 10 slides (including Title Slide, Agenda, Conclusion, & References). Students may use up to two other visual aids such as maps and diagrams if desired. The presentation will describe steps one and two of the MDMP. Students must display a clear understanding of key principles using real world examples.

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