Microsoft Versus Linux Security

Topic 1: Microsoft Versus Linux Security

Microsoft touts security as one of the primary tenets of its operating systems. While claiming that, because the source is open for Linux, it is very insecure. Linux requires that you have a username and a password to be able to login and use the system. While Microsoft does require a username to sign onto the system, it does not require a password for the user.

Since a password is not required to use a Windows system, how does that impact security? What happens when a user does not have a password on a Linux system? Are there any accounts on a Linux system that do not have passwords? If so, why do they not have passwords?

Topic 2: Administering Groups

Users are administered in groups usually within organizations. Deciding which groups are assigned to and what groups should be used are very important decisions for most companies. Sometimes a user may be assigned to more than one group.

Describe how you would determine what groups you would use and give some examples of the groups you would create. Also, give an example of when a user would be assigned to more than one group and which groups you would assign them to.

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