Mathematics Techniques for Computing


You are required to write a formal report consisting of the following elements: cover page, table of content, headings, and sub-headings for the main area of the report, references and appendix (to include any information you may think are necessary addition to the report.

You are also required to consult and show evidence of literature within your report in the form of in-text citations and a suitable references list. You are expected to consult between 5-10 sources.  As a MINIMUM the Reference List should include one refereed academic journal and three academic books.  It is important to use Turnitin, its score is suitable to avoid any academic misconduct. This should not exceed 20%.

Assessment Deliverables:

You work as a Business System Analyst, and you have been commissioned to come up with a mathematics system plan.  You will write a report to present to the owners explaining business computational problems and the methods used to solve them.  For example, consider a problem like data interpretation, calculation, processing, or other topic that mathematical techniques have been applied to solve such a problem.

Produce a list that describes and classifies with examples to demonstrate and present five of the mathematical techniques and concepts below for explaining the various computing problems. 5% each 25% Total. Word count should be 500 words.

Computational Thinking Skills (choose one).

1 Decomposition

2 Algorithms

3 Abstraction

4 Pattern Recognition

Set Theory (choose any two).

5 Sets

6 Relations

7 Functions

Logic & Truth Tables (choose one).

8 Boolean Logic

9 Truth Tables

Programming Constructs (choose one).

10 Sequence,

11 Selection

12 Iteration

Academic Misconduct

Academic misconduct may be defined as any attempt by a student to gain an unfair advantage in any assessment. This includes plagiarism, collusion, commissioning (contract cheating) amongst other offences. In order to avoid these types of academic misconduct, you should ensure that all your work is your own and that sources are attributed using the correct referencing techniques. You can also check originality through Turnitin.

Please note that penalties apply if academic misconduct is proven. See the following link for further details:

Marking Scheme

 Marking CriteriaMark 
   Evidence of appropriate understanding including appropriate discussion of the chosen mathematical techniques50 
 Evidence of knowledge and understanding of the various computational problems50 

Formatting requirements

  • Harvard referencing format must be used to credit secondary research sources. In-text citations should be included within your discussion (where relevant) using the author-date format and full reference details should be included in your bibliography.
  • Diagrams should be captioned and discussed in the body of your report.
  • A table of contents should be included.
  • Page numbers should be inserted in the centre of the footer.
  • The student ID number be placed in the header of each page.


Please submit to the Turnitin assignment section through Moodle.


A percentage mark will be provided based on General Assessment Guidelines for Written Assessments.Grading is as follows:

A:                         70 – 100%

B:                         60 – 69%

C:                         50 – 59%

D:                         40 – 49%

Marks below 40% will be classed as fail.

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