Managing Role Transition from Nursing Student to Graduate Registered Nurse

Assessment 2 Instructions and marking rubric

This assignment aims to assess your knowledge on issues related to the transition from the role of a student nurse to that of a new registered nurse. You are required to demonstrate an appropriate level of academic writing skills and critical discussion equal to that of a student in the final year of bachelor’s degree. The assignment will be marked against the SNM marking rubric on page 2.


Discuss the challenges and appropriate strategies for managing role transition from nursing student to graduate registered nurse.

What you need to do:

  1. Identify and describe 3-4 issues from the literature regarding transitioning from the role of student to a new graduate nurse e.g., transition shock, stressors, conflict, and workplace bullying.
  2. Identify and describe 3-4 possible strategies from the literature for coping with the challenges faced as a new graduate nurse e.g., coping strategies and resilience.

Guidelines for your assignment:

  • Read the literature and synthesis findings of at least 6 peer-reviewed journal articles published in the last 5 years on the provided topic.
  • Complete the essay in a Word document, following the SNM Assignment Guidelines and submit through Turnitin. This essay is 1400 words in length (plus or minus 10%) and worth 40% of the unit grade.
  • Use appropriate academic language, topic sentences, linking sentences, and paragraphing to ensure logical progression of discussion and flow of ideas. Where appropriate, headings may be utilised.
  • Ensure correct use of APA 7 referencing style for both in-text and end text citation. Books and websites are not allowed as a reference material for this assessment.

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