M3A1 Self-Assessment – Leadership Competency

Take a moment and reflect on the competencies you believe describe an effective leader. Did any of the following come to mind?

Good communicator
Displays high ethical standards
Open to new ideas
Provides goals and objectives
Adapts easily to organizational change
Leadership competencies have been defined as behaviors and skills necessary to be effective as a leader (McCauley, 2006). These competencies include:

Managing change
Demonstrating ethics and integrity
Communicating effectively
Valuing diversity and difference
Building and maintaining relationships
The following competencies have been identified as necessary for global leaders (McCall & Hollenbeck, 2002):

Open-minded and flexible in thought and tactics
Cultural interest and sensitivity
Able to deal with complexity
Resilient, resourceful, optimistic and energetic
Honesty and integrity
Stable personal life
Value-added technical or business skills
We can apply these leadership competencies to appropriately and effectively lead an individual or team to success. An important aspect of being an effective leader is having self-awareness about our competencies. Being self-aware includes determining our own competency weaknesses and developing a plan to mitigate these weaknesses in order to become a stronger leader. This assignment asks you to think about your own leadership competencies.

For this assignment please answer the following questions:

Using the research by McCauley and McCall and Hollenbeck that is summarized in the lists above, please identify the competencies you believe will be most effective in your role as a leader of individuals and teams. Why did you select these competencies?
How do you currently exhibit these competencies? Discuss three situations at work in which you exhibit these competencies that you mentioned in your answer to the previous question.
Prioritize your competencies you believe need improvement. Why these competencies? Discuss three situations at work you believe illustrate why improvement in these competencies is needed.
Based on your strengths and your prioritized competencies, develop a personal plan for leadership improvement. This plan may include taking courses in particular content areas, participating in internships, and seeking a mentor to help guide and support you in developing competencies.
Your response should be at least two pages (not including title and reference pages), double spaced, and in APA format.

McCauley, C. (2006). Developmental assignments: Creating learning experiences without changing jobs. Greensboro, N.C.: Center for Creative Leadership Press.
McCall, M., & Hollenbeck, G. (2002). Developing global executives: The lessons of international experience. Boston, MA: Harvard Business School Publishing.

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