Inventory Management

Respond to the following five questions using grammatically correct language. Save the document and submit it in the courseroom.

  1. To place the proper valuation on inventory, a business must determine which costs should be included in inventory cost. Getting goods ready to sell should include what items?

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  • If inventory is being valued at cost and the price level is steadily rising, which of the three methods of costing—FIFO, LIFO, or weighted average cost—will yield the lowest annual after tax net income? Which method will yield the highest after tax net income in a scenario where the price level is steadily declining?

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  • Some circumstances justify departures from the historical cost approaches of FIFO, LIFO, and weighted average cost. Several additional inventory methods may be used when circumstances warrant. Identify and describe each of these alternative methods. Include an example of when each method may be applied.

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  • Given the following information, calculate the inventory turnover for a Company. Evaluate the trend results.
    • 2014: Cost of goods sold— $1,043,000; Beginning inventory— $283,000; Ending inventory— $264,000.
    • 2013: Cost of goods sold— $820,000; Beginning inventory— $311,000; Ending inventory— $283,000.

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  • Identify which methods could be used to determine whether there has been shrinkage or shortage in the physical inventory.

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