Environmental Scan and Competitive Analysis

This is a team assignment which is completing an environmental scan and competitive analysis. You will complete only the highlighted sections below. The rest is only being left, just to see what those sections are a part of. This is being applied to the movie studio industry, just so you know what is meant when it says “studio industry”. #2 is especially important section, as it will determine a strategic problem facing the competitors in the industry. #3 part A will be done individually for each of the 4 competitors listed above it; MGM, Paramount, Warner Brothers and Universal. The five forces in #5 will be applied to the industry as a whole. Supporting pdf textbook is attached. One of the pages will be an Appendix, after the reference page.

Helpful video for #5: Porter’s Five Forces: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsClL9ytlgE

1. Executive summary, Mission, Vision and Pestel analysis to identify and assess the macro environment in the United States; Disney organization – Studio Industry.

2. Determine the strategic problem facing competitors in the U.S. Assess briefly performance challenges using specifics for the studio industry key performance indicators (relevant metrics). Address the changes over time (trends) and relative to the industry averages (competitors). These findings should point out to possible strategic problem(s), disruption in the industry or an inflection point.

3. Competitive analysis – create an analysis for 4 competitors; MGM, Paramount, Warner Brothers and Universal

·A. Start with each company highlights: locations, annual profit, growth rates, no of employees, performance (as should be much more numbers-driven). and any relevant strengths and weaknesses for each competitor. All data should be referenced and the sources (such as Annual Reports, Industry Reports, etc.) should be included in the Appendices. 

·B. Identify the mission and the vision of their current CEO, then identify their current objectives and goals (from the letter to investors is you are using a publicly traded company), and if you know their current structure and culture, identify this as well (by using CVF) – note these are not what you are recommending but show a base line from which they will change to implement your identified strategies as part of your proposal.

·C. Construct a SWOT analysis for each competitor, please include also ethical decision making as a resource for your organization and whether it is a strength or weakness of the firm.

·D. VRIO analysis of each competitors’ resources, include ethical decision making as a resource for your organization and how strong it is. Think about how the leadership’s strategy has affected the performance of the organization. Include your analysis of their resources in the appendix, as background information to create the VRIO table (such as the firm’s current financial strengths, the strengths of their human capital, etc).

4. Present competitive mapping with very distinctive for the sector unique dimensions often related to swot and VRIO as the basis for competencies and strategic competitive advantage.

5. Apply Porter’s five forces to the studio industry with supporting data to assess the forces.

6. Apply Porter’s Diamond Model to the geographic market with supporting data to assess the factors and to provide evidence for strategic comparative advantage.

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