Case Analysis: Cherry County

NOTE: There should be no overlap or repetition in your answers to the questions below.

  1. Which perspective of public administration – Madisonian, Wilsonian or Rooseveltian – will guide your decisions below? Why is it appropriate for Jones to take this view?
  2. Of these three main issues –staff relations, community relations, and courtroom relations – which one will you tackle first? Why? NOTE: I realize that all three main issues likely would be addressed simultaneously in practice. But, I want you to demonstrate not only depth on the issue, but also your persuasive skills.
    a. What three specific actions (discuss them in order of priority) will you take to address the issue?
    b. What are two specific problems that you, in the role of Jones, should anticipate with your actions? Why do you believe each of your actions will be successful?
  3. Which two ethical obligations (refer to Waldo’s list) and ethical approach (see Chapter 4) will you emphasize most to support your decisions described in the question above? Why?
  4. Which one of your administrative responsibilities (see Chapter 4) will you rely upon the most to support your decisions described in Question 2 above? Why?
  5. As Jones, your management skills (see Chapter 1) will be tested as the new department manager. Which one of the management skills categories, in particular, seems most important in this situation? Why?
  6. What are two specific management roles (Chapter 1) that Jones will have to assume in this situation? Why?
    a. In each of these roles, which type of individual power (see Chapter 2) will you rely on most? Why?

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