Advanced Nursing Care: Concept Map

Students will write a paper applying and integrating the information written about the concept map you have worked on throughout the course. You should finalize the concept map by identifying and discussing a nursing theory and a systems theory to an appropriate clinical practice situation common to advanced nursing care. You will also need to select an appropriate nursing intervention that would aid in using the selected theories to demonstrate appropriate applications of the nursing theories. It is strongly recommended you use the nursing theory previously identified for the Concept Map assignment. You will be adding a systems theory to this final paper. The paper will demonstrate how systems theory and nursing theories are used in the design, delivery, and evaluation in healthcare. Students will also evaluate how these theories can be utilized to deliver care to diverse populations.

See the attached rubric for grading details. 

This assignment will be submitted through the Turnitin Originality Tool. This tool checks your paper against online sources to prevent accidental plagiarism. If your originality score is above 10-15%, check to make sure that all similarities are properly cited and/or go back and paraphrase to lower your percentage. You may resubmit your paper if needed, however, keep in mind that it may take 24 hours for your second attempt to be scored, which would affect your ability to turn your paper in on the due date. My advice would be to try to submit the paper a day or two early to allow time to resubmit if needed.

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