Administrative Professional Development Assignment

As was mentioned earlier, PD for administrators can be tricky! Administrators are very busy people with many different responsibilities. They need to be trained in some of the same areas as teachers (how else could they support instructional efforts) but also need other types of trainings: leadership, communication, collaboration (PLC), compliance, data management, etc. Principals need to be leaders, not just managers.

Your assignment is to dig into this topic a bit further and reflect on what you have seen and what you would hope for as you progress into an administrative career. Conduct some preliminary research on the topic of Professional Development for Administrators.  You will need to cite at least one source in your assignment (paper–APA format) to the instructor. You are to: 

A) Articulate and defend your own viewpoint on quality Admin PD topic(s). Provide examples of/defend the type of training you would be seeking yourself.

B) Detail how you would interact with and potentially convince other Administrators who are not entirely in agreement with you and your viewpoint. 

C) Identify how you would go about Identifying needs and resources. 

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