Understanding the Body and Our Relationships to our Bodies by Applying Sociological Concepts


The goal of this assignment is to sociologically analyze and understand the body and our relationships to our bodies by applying sociological concepts and terms introduced in class.


Critically examine your body OR a representation of a body found online. First, describe in detail your body OR the body you found online in the way a medical doctor or an examiner would. In your descriptions, do not use any first person pronouns. For example, rather than writing “I have flabby loose skin on my arms,” you will write, “the skin on the arms is flabby and loose.” Describe all parts of the body EXCEPT the genitalia. After describing it, compare it to a body that represents the dominant body/beauty standard in the US. Discuss where the dominant standard body/beauty standard comes from. What differences or similarities do you notice between the body you described and the representation of dominant body/beauty standard? Lastly, discuss how writing about the body and comparing it made you feel.

In this assignment, please use 6 concepts or terms that were introduced in the course. Highlight the concept or term that you applied in yellow.

The assignment should be 3-4 pages double spaced using size 12 font. Include your name and assignment name in the heading. Please do not include other information in the heading.

List of terms for assignment
Birth-assigned sex
Body dysmorphia/body dysmorphic disorder (BDD)
Gender-affirming medical treatment
Gender dysphoria
Gender essentialism
Gender euphoria
Gender expression
Gender marker

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