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Please write one page paper addressing the highlighted questions below.
Please use 3 separate scholarly resources within 5 years to support the paper.

Disseminating Scholarly Work
The purpose of this discussion is to examine dissemination opportunities for your DNP practice change project.


  1. Analyze and appraise nursing journals most appropriate for publishing your DNP practice change project outcomes.
  2. Investigate professional nursing conferences that align with the primary focus of your DNP practice change project and list the abstract requirements and provide a timeline for submission of an abstract.
    Notes from course
    Dissemination of the DNP Practice Change Project
    The first opportunity for dissemination of your DNP practice change project is within the organization where your practice change was implemented. Individuals throughout the organization may ask you questions and commend you on the work you have done. This is a very exciting time as you see all your hard work coming to fruition. These presentations are important, and the organization needs to find value in the time and resources that were devoted to the implementation of your project. The results must be given to the individuals who can use the findings to sustain and expand continual quality improvement within the organization. This phase of dissemination is limiting though, as only a small group of healthcare professionals have access to your work.
    Another opportunity for dissemination of your work is through publishing in a professional journal, which can reach thousands of nurses and healthcare professionals. The work you began in one small microsystem now has the potential to positively impact patient outcomes globally (Roush, 2020). If you desire to publish your work in a professional journal, it can be very helpful to collaborate with an individual who has publishing experience, such as a DNP or PhD prepared nurse.
    It is important to consider the type of journal that might be the most appropriate for sharing your outcomes. There are many different peer-reviewed journals to choose from, but the topic and population of your project should guide your selection.
    The Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing (JPMHN) is a peer-reviewed nursing journal that published similar articles to my DNP project topic.

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