Mini-Project: Quality Management and Customer Experience


The objective of the project is to be able to analyze and assess the relationship between the principles of quality management and customer experience and applying them in a specific context.

To achieve that objective, you will choose a specific industry (i.e., travel and hospitality, financial services, etc.), or a company in that industry, one you feel familiar with mainly as a customer or as a professional and will analyze whether or not that company or companies in that industry are providing the best experience to their customers and the quality issues that may be involved.

To assess the customer experience in that industry/company, you must do research on available papers that address general theoretical or industry-specific issues and discuss potential improvements.

As part of your analysis, you will define the customer journey, the touchpoints, and contextual aspects, and will propose changes that may contribute to the improvement of the customer experience and the overall quality provided to customers.

Project structure

Your project must include the following aspects:

  1. Executive summary
  2. Introduction: a description of the industry, industry segment or company that you are analyzing, the specific topic that you are addressing, the reason to choose that topic and the objectives of your paper.
  3. An assessment of the current situation pertaining quality management and improvement and the customer experience in that industry.
  4. As part of your assessment, you will define and analyze things such as:
    1. The interaction between the industry/company and the customer (customer journey, touch points, environment conditions -physical/digital-)
    1. Current loopholes, service gaps and main quality problems
    1. The current customer strategy, if any, and the variables/measurements typically used in the industry/company.
  5. The assessment should be based not only on your perceptions and own knowledge and experience but also on research conducted on that industry/company or related ones on those issues.
  6. The assessment must also include a discussion of major theoretical concepts in the field of quality management and customer experience that may be involved or that are related to your paper and the topic being considered.
  7. A reflection on how the industry/company could improve quality management and customer experience:
  8. Opportunities for improvement, new ideas, perspectives, frameworks, methodologies, etc.
  9. Proposal for changes that may contribute to the improvement of the overall customer experience and the quality provided to customers.
  10. Conclusions
  11. Annexes
  12. References


Aspects to be evaluated include:

  1. Organization and structure (outline, logical sequence, clear objectives)
  2. Contents (coverage of major aspects, identification of main issues, use of information, accurate and relevant information sources, discussion of major topics, proposal)

Please choose 3 of following theories that needs to be included in the paper:

Shewhart, Economic Control of Quality of Manufactured Product,

Deming, Quality Productivity and Competitive Position, Out of the
, 1982–1986.

Juran, Managerial Breakthrough, 1964.

Crosby, Cutting The Cost of Quality, 1967.

Garvin, Managing Quality: The Strategic and Competitive Edge,

Feigenbaum, Total Quality Control, 1961.

Ishikawa, Guide to Quality Control, 1968.

Taguchi, Quality Engineering Handbook, 1989.

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