Marginalized Group Population Analysis

You will research specific population of marginalized group that exist in your community.  A community is defined the place where you live, work or where you have familiar ties.  As you research the marginalized group and gather information  and analysis of the cultural issue facing this group.  (For example, sexual discrimination, religious discrimination, spiritual beliefs, disabilities, gender discrimination, violence, etc.).  This will be discuseed within the group.  Once it has been determined each student responsibility begin creating the presentation to include the instruction for the presentation below.


    • Identify the marginalized group (Who?)
    • What is the cultural issue? (What?)
    • Demonstrate evidence based research to support your description of the cultural issue among the identified marginalized group. (Why?)
    • What CLAS standards are needed? What CLAS standards should be included in the solution section?
    • How does the cultural issue of the marginalized group impact health/health outcomes? (How?)
    • Propose an ideal system that combats the cultural issue and improves health for the marginalized population.  (Solution)


    • Create a presentation to tell the story of your solution of the cultural issue you have described. 
      • Your slide presentation max 15 slides
      • Include images and bulleted highlights 
      • Audio recording for slide presentation 
    • The presentation  will describe the marginalized group and briefly discus  cultural issue they face (based on the written analysis)  and how it impacts their health and/or health outcomes.  Finally  you will thoughtfully propose an ideal system that incorporates the concepts learned throughout the course.  It can include but are not limited to CLAS standards, cultural humility, diversity, systems approach, trainings, etc. (Please be creative in this area even if you create a utopia solution).

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