Forensic Analysis Paper

Case Scenario: You were hired as a forensic expert to investigate alleged contact between US and Russian officials. You performed a forensic analysis on the laptop and cell phone of a high ranking US government official. During the investigation you found the following:

  • On the phone – a text confirming a lunch meeting on 2/15/20xx and the phone number was labeled “Red Ralph” in the contact list.
  • On the laptop – several email communications about meetings and payment for “consulting services” between the official and
  • On the laptop – several deleted zip files of classified material that web logs show were uploaded to a file sharing site. It is not clear if they were downloaded by anyone. The owner of the laptop and phone has “lawyered up” and is not saying anything about what they were doing on either device or any meetings that may have happened. You are now prepare your official report to the special prosecutor as evidence that may go to court in the future.

Note: For the purposes of this report, all evidence is to be made up by the student.

Grading Criteria: The content requirements and points for this for the report outline below.

CriteriaMaximum Points
Case identifier or submission number. Case investigator. Identity of the submitter. Date of receipt10
Descriptive list of items submitted for examination, including serial number, make, and model.10
Brief description of steps taken during examination, such as string searches, graphics image searches, and recovering erased files.40

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