Expanding the Company Through Horizontal Integration

Original Assignment Instructions: You are assigned as the team leader. Your team works for a popular streaming service called BingeFlix (aka Netflix), which has a directional strategy focused on expanding the company through horizontal integration.
Your team is looking to engage in a friendly acquisition of a company that will not only increase its market share, but allow it to penetrate new markets and increase the company’s abilities to meet current and future consumer needs and expectations. Your team is a part of the corporate mergers and acquisition (M&A) department and has been assigned to conduct analysis on two other streaming services, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video to potentially merge or acquire. You will be performing a preliminary analysis of the two companies, and then ultimately recommend one to move forward with for a more in-depth valuation by the M&A Department.
Step 1: Conduct Qualitative Research on the Companies
Step 2: Conduct Quantitative Analyses of the Companies (financial)
Step 3: Prepare Report of Findings with Recommendation
Step 4: Construct Graphic or Analytics to depict your recommendation

NOTE: The team’s final presentation provided for reference, if needed. The team ultimately chose Disney+.
This is an individually written paper on decision making. For this assignment, reflect on how decisions were made during the 8 weeks while completing the Team Project. Describe how you made decisions as an effective Team Leader. The paper should describe the following:

         - Your process for decision making
         - the quantitative or qualitative nature of decisions
         - Did the team use System 1- or System 2-type thinking?
         - the integrative nature of decisions
         - the benefits of collaboration
         - Theory for thinking – is it reflective, integrative, system, perception-based, values-             
            based, or design thinking?
         - How you will strive to make decisions in the future?

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