Data Mining Methods and Processes

Assignment Overview

Type:  Individual Project

Unit:  Data Mining Methods and Processes

Grading Type:  Numeric

Points Possible:  250

Deliverable Length:  Word document of 4–5 pages (excluding references and cover page)

Assignment Description

Key Assignment

In Week 1, you were asked to create a Business Intelligence Development Plan for a local organization. Each week, you added a section to the plan and submitted it for grading. The following is a summary of the components of this plan that have already been completed:

  • Business Intelligence Justification (Week 1 IP)
  • Business Performance Plan (Week 2 IP)
  • Business Performance Methodologies (Week 3 IP)
  • Data Classification And Visualization Assessment (Week 4 IP)

Based on the feedback that you received from students and the instructor, make any changes that you deem necessary to plan the components that you have completed thus far.

Conclude this plan by completing the final portion of the project as follows:

Week 5 IP

Data-Mining Methods and Processes: (Week 5 IP) 4–5 pages

  • Describe the specific data-mining processes and techniques that will be used to support the business intelligence goals and objectives of the case study organization as follows:
    • Step 1: Business understanding
    • Step 2: Data understanding
    • Step 3: Data preparation
    • Step 4: Modeling building
    • Step 5: Testing and evaluation
    • Step 6: Deployment
  • All sources should be cited both in-text and in the References section using APA format.
  • Name the document “yourname_IT415_IP5.doc.”
  • Submit the Key Assignment Final Draft (including Week 5 IP).

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