Community Discussion Board: Module 2

  1. What techniques were used to establish trust and rapport with the family in the video?
  2. How is engagement different with families than with an individual client?
  3. Did you notice any unique challenges that family work presents?
  4. What seemed to work well in this initial interview with the family and why do you think it worked well?
  5.  Did you notice anything that didn’t seem to go well or that you might do differently as the provider?
  6. Describe three techniques that you might use in the beginning stages of the helping relationship with families. Based on the literature and course materials, do you think the facilitator accomplished the most important goals of an initial session?

The Community Discussion Board is an active learning opportunity where you will reflect on course content and process your learning with other students. This board is not simply an “opinion board.” Rather, it is a mechanism for you to engage with your peers as you dissect and synthesize course content. That said, please make sure that your original post contains a minimum of two citations from peer-reviewed resources, one of which may be from a textbook or other course materials. These sources should be listed at the bottom of your post. In addition, please make sure that your post adheres to APA style and formatting.

Course Reading Material:

  • Gumpert, J., & Black, P. N. (2006). Ethical issues in group work: What are they? How are they managed? Social Work with Groups, 29(4), 61–74.

Peer-Reviewed Resource:

Varghese, M., Kipekar, V., & Loganathan, S. (2020). Family Interventions: Basic Principles and Techniques. Indian Journal of Psychiatry, 62, S192-S200. 770 19  

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