Business and Entrepreneurship in Post-conflict Spaces

Coursework Task

You must answer one question in essay form, from the list of 10 essay questions provided. Since this is the sole assessed work, your module mark is fully dependent on the effort you put into this coursework.

Guidance Notes

I expect you to write an essay, not a report, and you should familiarize yourself with the distinctions. Do not use a Table of Contents; instead, use subheadings judiciously where necessary. Do not use appendices.

Getting high marks is intentionally challenging. Higher marks go to those essays demonstrating engagement with complex intellectual material. Lower marks are associated with essays relying on description. Argument should be balanced and also critical. You are encouraged especially to problematize solutions (as opposed to simply debating existing givens uncritically) to develop your critical faculties further.

Your sources should be primarily peer-reviewed material, supported by respected scholarly sources. If you use news sources, these must be reputable broadsheet-quality material. An example not to use is Fox News, or its far left equivalents. Your essays should probably not have less than 10 different scholarly sources, properly deployed and referenced with a properly formatted bibliography on a separate page.

Word Count and Format

The word count guide is not more than 3,000 words. We will disregard anything you write above 3,000. Please state the word count on the first page of your assignment. The word count excludes any title page and the reference list/bibliography at the end of the essay. All material (academic and other) that you cite should be properly referenced in the text and in the reference list (in Harvard style) at the end of your essay.

I don’t mind what font you use as long as it is easily legible. My own favourite is Georgia, 12pt, 1.15 line spacing but this is not a regulation you are compelled to observe

Answer 1 of the 9 questions (whichever you are more specialised in).

Put the essay question at the top of the first page, please ALL answers should draw primarily from scholarly, peer-reviewed literature.

1. Conceptualize local challenges to local entrepreneurship in post-conflict spaces in an intellectual, scholarly framework.

2. What advantages and disadvantages does the work of Ács, Szerb & Autio (2016, 2018) on entrepreneurship ecosystem have over other ways of understanding how entrepreneurship prospers?

3. Compare the effectiveness of two examples of international entrepreneurial landmine clearance in postconflict spaces.

4. How did Imperialism affect Internet entrepreneurship in postconflict spaces?

5. Is corruption in postconflict spaces inherited from Empire, or does it have indigenous roots?

6. Using contrasting feminist literatures, discuss why and how entrepreneurship is gendered.

7. How and why is small business debt repayment gendered in postconflict spaces?

 8. To what extent are Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) agendas affected by neopatrimonialism?

9. To what extent are warlords productive entrepreneurs?

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