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This template was built from APA 6th edition requirements. You may continue to use it in CSIA classes for your projects and papers even though the university has officially adopted APA version 7. The requirement for CSIA assignments is that your work be professional in appearance and that sources are cited and referenced using a manner or style that is consistent and provides enough information so that readers can fact-check your work.
Paragraph. Use the Normal Indent style to indent your paragraphs as First Line Indent by ½ inch. This style will also double space between lines. Do not hit the ENTER key until you have finished your paragraph. Let MS Word wrap lines within the paragraph itself.
In your reference section, use the Reference style from the style gallery to indent your entries as Hanging Indent by ½ inch. This style will also double space your references for you. Do NOT hit the ENTER key until you come to the END of a reference entry. If you want to force MS Word to wrap long URLs, use the Insert->Symbol feature to insert a no width optional break character. Or, turn on paragraph marks (so that you can see the symbol for the character) and copy/paste this character (immediately to the left of the opening parenthesis for this clause you should see two gray squares, one inside the other). If you do not see the character, then you do not have paragraph marks turned on (click on the ¶ symbol in the paragraph formatting group on the Home Ribbon).
Paragraphs. Use sub-headings as necessary and only if you have at least two sub-sections underneath a major section heading. If you are adding figures, make sure that you include a caption below each one (see Figure 1).
First Sub-section

Figure 1. References Tab in MS Word (Microsoft, 2021).
Second Sub-section
Summary and Conclusions

Microsoft. (2021). Microsoft Word (Office 365). Redmond, WA: Author.
Reynolds, G. W. (2010). Ethics in the information age (3rd ed.). Boston, MA: Course Technology.

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