Management and Leadership Development Program


A.  Using your information from Task 2, create a multimedia presentation (e.g., PowerPoint, including presenter notes for each slide, to encourage the leadership of the organization to implement your management and leadership development program by doing the following:

1.  Discuss your proposed program for the leadership of the organization, including how the program developed in Task 2 will prepare future and current leaders.

a.  Explain how your development program meets the organization’s business need for a management and leadership development program.

2.  Explain how your program meets the needs of your target audience identified in Task 2.

a.  Identify the three areas of management and leadership that are important to develop within the audience identified in part A2.

3.  Summarize your proposed program process developed in Task 2, including the following components:

•   the training process

•   leadership development techniques, including curriculum, materials, or resources

•   incentives provided for participation

•   the timeline for completion, including milestones

•   the manner in which participants demonstrate knowledge from the program

4.  Explain three benefits of your program.

5.  Describe the three quantitative metrics selected in Task 2 that will be used to evaluate the overall effectiveness of your management and leadership development program and the expected effect on the organization.

6.  Provide a conclusion that includes a call to action, asking the organization’s leadership to implement your development program.

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