Seeing Antigone Through a Critical Lens

For this essay, you will be applying one of the literary theories to Sophocles’ Antigone. You’ll pick a literary theory from the list I’ve provided, and then you will develop a specific argument that is related to the core ideas of this theory. For example, feminist theory would develop an argument about the female character(s) and how they may be oppressed by men, or psychoanalytic theory would focus on how the characters behave and why they do what they do. This argument will then need to be substantiated by examples from the text and outside research.

Some example questions you may ask during the brainstorming process include:

How should any of the main characters be performed? Why?

Is Antigone a strong female lead who betrays all man-made laws for her own beliefs?

Or, is she just betraying man-made laws for the masculine dominance of her brother?

What is the psychology of the characters like? Are they driven to madness?

Is Antigone’s torment all within her own mind? How about Creon?

**You don’t have to upload an outline and a rough draft. If you work on the outline properly, it should pretty much be your rough draft (you’ll just need to shape it into paragraph form, but everything should be in that exact order)**


Specific requirements:

-5-7 pgs. in length (This is flexible. I’ll work with you. For the final draft, try to have at least 4 pages.)

-3-5 outside, credible sources from Citrus Library databases or physical library books

-2 quotes per body paragraph (one from Antigone play & 1 from outside source)

-MLA (double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, works cited, etc.)

-Various steps that will ensure your success include: outline and/or rough draft, and final draft.

-Carefully read this prompt, the Research Paper Timeline, and the blog posts related to this assignment.

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