Report – Destination E-Portfolio of Barcelona, Spain

An informal report of approximately 3000 words should be written to identify and consider the tourism development in your chosen destination. This will provide an overview of tourism in your destination, but it should not be in the form of a travel guide or brochure. You should demonstrate academic reading and the ability to assess rather than simply describe the resources. A full reference list is required.

The areas you should consider for inclusion consist of:

  • Introduction – a description of the destination – Where in the World is the destination – a map is compulsory
  • History & Growth of the destination tourism industry. Has tourism been a key feature of the area for some time and why is this relevant today?
  • Access – How easy/costly is it to get to your destination and does this affect which generating markets go there?
  • ‘Tourism Products’ and resources available at the destination.

Natural resources – what type of resources – landscape and/or attractions that form the pull factors for tourism?

Man-made resources – consider attractions but also supporting infrastructure – adequacy of basic infrastructure, airports, hotel stock etc.

Cultural resources – What resources from the classifications discussed add to the tourism product (tangible and intangible?)

  • Climate and possible climate change – how does this affect the tourism product now and issues for the future?
  • Key Environmental Drivers – The major external factors that influence the industry and chosen destination. Assess the tourism impact (both positive & negative) at the destination using a specific assessment tool (Models? E.g. PESTEL Analysis, Leiper, Butler).
  • Tourist markets attracted – linked to points above. Remember tourists are global
  • SWOT analysis – draw upon the theoretical underpinnings delivered in this module and apply relevant concepts
  • Future of the Destination and of the tourism industry
  • Recommendations to the Destination – What are the implications of the changes happening now to the destination’s future and the tourism industry.
  • A bibliography including academic as well as web factual sources
  • ‘References’ – Provide a full reference list using APA referencing

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