Position Essay

Northside Community College proposes a new graduation policy to require all students to do a 20-hour service-learning experience. The student response to the impending graduation policy appears mixed between those who think it is a great idea and those who believe it is detrimental for students to satisfy this new graduation requirement. In response to some student outcries for justice, the Student Government Association scheduled a public meeting on campus to share/give their input before college administrators render a final decision. Administrators, faculty, students, and community members will attend this public forum. You want your voice heard and intend to share your views regarding impending graduation changes at this meeting. To do this, you must pick a side of the argument that meets your personal beliefs and begin to carve out your main points of emphasis during your presentation. 

Write an essay in 500 to 550 words to share your views of this graduation proposal’s pros and cons from a student perspective. Build your argument to reflect whether you are for or against the College’s plan to enact the new graduation requirement. 

Construct your response in a detailed essay to include a title page, double-spacing, 12-point font, APA format style, and word count listed on the last page. Cite at least one academic article from a college/university website, Internet/Google Scholar, or textbook article to support views in your essay. 

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