Native Cultures of Alaska

Final paper can be based on any aspect of Native Cultures of Alaska.  Approaches can include a topic area that we have discussed over the semester, another topic that you are interested in learning more about, or something you and your family have had personal experience with.  You must cite six sources, up to two of these can be personal communications you have with family or community members who have life experiences which relate to your chosen topic.  Paper worth 20% and due as listed on the syllabus and should be submitted here.
Length – 7 full pages – 8 pages

Grade Rubric

In-text Citation15
References cited15

Length: Is your paper a full seven pages, up to 8 pages?

Format: Does your paper follow the guidelines for font, font size, margin size, and text spacing?

In-text Citation: Did you use an in-text citation from your textbook and articles from blackboard/other academic sources? Is your in-text citation formatted according to Chicago style guide? Did you appropriately use in-text citations for all of the sources listed on your reference cited page? Did you use an in-text citation every time you use outside information in your paper?

References Cited: Do you have a properly formatted (Chicago style guide) references cited page? Are your sources appropriate peer reviewed text (Note that any of the articles from Canvas would work as peer reviewed articles)?

Content: Is it obvious to the reader that you read the articles? Did you use specific examples from the articles book to support your arguments or discussion? Did you critically think about the articles? Did you apply concepts addressed in lectures, discussion board, films and articles? Do you personally reflect on the readings in your review? Make sure you are writing more than just a summary of the articles and are actually applying anthropological concepts in your paper.

Clarity: Did you use proper spelling and grammar throughout your assignment? Does your assignment follow a logical format (i.e. introduction, body, conclusion)? Is your entire assignment tied together by a cohesive idea or theme? Is your paper easy to read and understand? Are your points and arguments clear, how well does your entire paper flow together?

Citations – In order to cite properly you must cite in text as well as at the end of the document in a “References Cited” Section. You will likely learn many ways to cite sources while in university. For the purposes of our class please use the following format:

Example for in-text citation of article in journal

Any time you use an idea or information from an author you need to have an in-text citation at the end of the sentence or within the sentence.  This should also be noted in the references cited section.

For example, using my article on Tohono O’odham traditional foods:

(Author’s Last Name date and page)  =

There are many two organizations working to increase consumption and production of traditional foods on the Tohono O’odham Nation (Fazzino 2008, 40).    OR

Fazzino (2008, 40) notes that there are many two organizations working to increase consumption and production of traditional foods on the Tohono O’odham Nation 

References Cited

Fazzino, David. 2008. “Continuity and Change in Tohono O’odham Food Systems: Implications for Dietary Interventions.” Culture & Agriculture 30, no 1-2, 38-46.

(Note that the references cited section will be single-spaced with a space between the “References Cited” and first reference as well as a space between each of the references.)

For more detailed information on style see: The Chicago Style Guide

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