Final Project: Classroom Management Plan Assignment


Your Final Project: Classroom Management Plan Assignment shares your intention for how you will run your classroom. It will reflect your teaching and discipline styles, and most parents and schools will want to know this about you.


In this project, you will prepare a classroom management plan for a specific classroom. If you are currently teaching, you should prepare the plan for your own classroom. If you are not currently teaching, you should build your project around your vision of your ideal classroom. It is not necessary to observe someone else’s classroom for this assignment.

The Biblical integration for the Final Project is to demonstrate our University School of Education mission, something we call SCRIP. SCRIP is based on Galatians 5:22, 23 as the Biblical core for teaching dispositions.

In your project the following dispositions should be demonstrated throughout your paper in any of its sections:

  • Social Responsibility: love, joy, peace, goodness
  • Commitment to the Profession: faithfulness, longsuffering
  • Reflective Practice: faithfulness
  • Integrity: goodness
  • Professionalism: gentleness, meekness, temperance

The Final Project: Classroom Management Plan Grading Rubric for this assignment should be considered the best source regarding what is required for successful completion. 

Include the following sections of discussion in your paper:

  1. Classroom motto
  2. Philosophy
  3. Classroom diversity
  4. Learning environment
  5. Room arrangement
  6. Student motivation
  7. Classroom procedures
  8. Classroom rules
  9. Consequences
  10. Record keeping
  11. Parent communication
  12. Biblical integration – SCRIP

The following are the requirements for your paper:

  1. Your paper must meet a minimum of 1,500 words (not including the title page and reference page) and be formatted in current APA style.
  1. You must use at least four sources in your paper:
  2. One source must be the Bible. (Reference which translation you use, i.e. KJV, NKJV, NIV, etc.)
    1. Cite the Bible version in the body of the paper. An example of this would be:  (King James Bible, 1769/2017, John 3:16).
    1. Include the source in your reference list. An example of this would be: King James Bible. (2017). (Original work published 1769).
  3. One source must be the course textbook.
  4. Two sources must be peer-reviewed research articles.
  5. To assist you in your search for an article, you can access the Jerry Falwell Library to find peer-reviewed journal articles.
  6. Research articles:
  7. Must be peer-reviewed;
  8. Must be published within the last seven years; and
  9. Must be at least five pages.
  • You must include at least six citations within your paper for the work you borrow from the four sources.

Submit your Final Project: Classroom Management Plan Assignment as a single Microsoft Word document and attach it using the assignment link provided.

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