Business Proposal and Product Mix Strategy


You have recently been employed as a Digital Marketing Strategist for an online fashion retailing business. You are required to propose a plan to the senior management by compiling a professional business report (2000 words +/-10%) addressing the following aspects.

  • Give a brief introduction to your business addressing aspects related to product mix, target customer segment(s) and online marketing/sales channels used.
  • Design an appropriate digital multi-channel strategy considering the customer journey of the online fashion retailer. Suggest the metrics that can be used to measure success.
  • Discuss what e-CRM strategies could be used to drive customer loyalty including strategies for cross selling and upselling. Address what ethical and legal aspects should be considered in doing so.
  • You can justify your proposals using examples of success stories in the same industry and also from other business contexts.
  • Ensure you include a single reference list at the end of document and use in-text citations.

Suggested report structure

Title page

Executive summary (300 words)

Table of contents

Introduction (250 words)

Main body (1200 words)

Conclusion (250 words)


The assessment criteria for the report:

  • To what extent has the student constructed their investigation to propose a plan of action made in a detailed report, demonstrating evidence-based decision-making.
  • To what extent has the student been able to synthesise theory and models in translating knowledge into a new context, tailored to the audience and medium.
  • To what extent has the student been able to employ appropriate applications to communicate information. Effective and logical structure using applications to construct a professional business report showing understanding of complex information and drawing conclusions. Correct grammar and punctuation.
  • Correct use of Westminster Harvard referencing.

Assessment Criteria

Knowledge and understanding: Comprehension of the implications of the question and extensive and accurate knowledge and understanding. Technical vocabulary used appropriately.40%
Argument: Awareness of underlying theoretical and methodological issues, showing an understanding of how they link to the question. Critical, analytical argument, demonstrating independent thinking, sensibly structured and supported. Knowledge of relevant theories and models, demonstrating the ability to be selective in the range of material used, and the capacity to synthesise rather than describe.40%
Presentation: No significant grammatical or spelling errors; written/presented clearly and concisely; consistent referencing meeting Westminster Harvard style.20%

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